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Fabrication of Conveyor Belt, Roller & Tank

Fabrication of Conveyor Belt

With 16+ years of custom conveyor belt fabrication experience, there’s no challenge our expert team can’t handle. KUBER AUTO PRESSING will ensure you receive the best quality fabrication, at the best possible price point.

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Conveyor Belt Materials and Their Uses

Conveyor belts can move products down a straight line or take products over, under, and around obstacles within a facility. They can support products from underneath or attach to products from above for hanging purposes. Manufacturers commonly specialize in certain types of belt materials. The most common materials include fabric such as Nylon or Polyester, Rubber, Metal, and Thermoplastics. The material and its structure largely determine the case uses for the conveyor system.

Metal conveyor belts are versatile, durable, and cost-effective. They can take on a number of shapes to accommodate the use case. Some sheet metal belts feature miniscule perforations for a vacuum hold on lightweight and delicate items. Woven, hinged, and custom belts can process small electronics components, foods, and production line parts of all kinds. Roller conveyors allow packages and products to slide effortlessly along a continuous line of rolling cylinders.

The belt fabrication process involves manufacturing the rubber, plastic, or metal core before covering it in a fabric, plastic, or rubber surface.

Metal fabricators can handle metal-conveyor fabrication as an end-to-end process and rarely need to create layers of materials to use on the conveyor system. They can craft the conveyor chain or belt as well as the pulley system components to ensure each part works together seamlessly. Processes commonly used in the metal fabrication for woven, sheet, and chain conveyors with pulley systems include large- and small-scale rolling and forming, CNC machining, welding, and other processes to shape and fit conveyor system components.

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Incline/Decline Belt Conveyors

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Fabrication of Roller Conveyors & Tanks

The roller conveyor, or conveyor roller, is the focus of this article and is one of the most popular conveyor varieties employed. The types, designs, and uses of roller conveyors will be explored, as well as how to specify one of these systems for any application.

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