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Medical Equipments

Medical Equipments

With exhaustive metallurgical knowledge and in-house innovation capabilities, Kuber offers high quality craftsmanship to manufacture flawless and reliable surgical instruments so that healthcare professionals do not compromise the safety of their patients.

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KUBER AUTO PRESSING is an Indian-based firm actively involved in the manufacture and export of surgical instruments. We are dealing with many types of surgical instruments such as forceps, scissors, retractors, ent Instruments, gynae instruments, speculum and many other things.

We are moving with the latest technological and scientific era, where we manufacture all the latest devices so that healthcare staff provides their services in a better way. We do proper R&D when we are manufacturing any new device. We provide the best quality of product at the best price and raw material we use are also of the best quality.

Our Products are well attributed in terms of reliability, durability and high performance.Presently, we are dealing in par excellence hospital furniture, scientific and laboratory goods, ophthalmic goods, Surgical goods etc. We are working with highly skilled personnel who are dedicated towards their work. We are striving to provide you utmost level of satisfaction through operose efforts.

Key Features

  • German Stainless Steel
  • Tungsten carbide coating
  • A-Z instruments availability
  • Increased lifetime
  • Over 2500 variants
  • Excellent quality finish

Medical Equipments

Douche Can

Kidney Tray

Instrument Tray

Catheter Instrument Tray

Bowl & Basin

Dressing Drum


Waste Bin