Manufacturer & Exporter of Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Components.


Oil & Gas Casting and Forging

Oil & Gas Casting and Forging

With exhaustive metallurgical knowledge and in-house innovation capabilities, Kuber is playing an important role in the manufacturing of critical equipment required to carry out oil and gas explorations and allied activities with turnkey projects.

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The oil and gas sector is the backbone of the economy and KUBER AUTO PRESSING has built a reputation with its high-technology and superb quality of forgings both in India and the global market. The Kuber Team, paired with the expertise of our in-house metallurgists, are here to help you design and manufacture components that you can rely on, under even the harshest of conditions including pressure and caustic chemicals. Our decades of experience, along with the time-tested relationships we have the ability to help you reduce your material costs and supply chain needs.

Our state of the art systems and process controls ensure that we will meet your quote, delivery, inventory and tracking needs. Quantity of Metal Stamping contract is not a problem. We can deliver orders for over several million parts and we can handle in our warehouses to the time of delivery. Our Metal Stamping press line makes us to finish our job fast and on time. Also we may assist to you for the way of making the process be faster than an imagine.

Finish machined Gears and Pinions, Aluminum and Lead Bronze Bushings, Cast or forged and machined Valve Bodies, Cast and machined pumps and Impellers, Flanges and Housings are a few of the products KUBER is currently supplying into the Oil and Gas industry.

Oil & Gas Forged Components

  • Riser, keel and stress joints
  • Kelly mandrels, reamer bodies
  • Drill heads
  • Bails
  • Tension rings
  • Casing hangers
  • WYE blocks
  • Custom flanges
  • Pinions and bull gears
  • Pump bodies
  • Ram and annular blowout preventers (bodies, doors/bonnets)

Material of Construction

Steel Melting 60 MT Electric Arc Furnace able to provide parts up to 30 MT for massive forgings and 12 MT for tubes
Forging 4,500 MT open die forging press
Heat Treatment 14 horizontal or vertical furnaces up to 21m, quenching, cold or warm straightening
Machining Turning, Milling, Drilling, Sawing, etc.

Reasons To Choose KUBER

Our Time-Tested Reliability

At Kuber, we constantly monitor the progress of production orders to provide the highest level of delivery reliability and communication. From initial contact to part delivery, your forgings will be attended to by experts who provide world-class project management and care about your program as much as you do. From challenging, job-specific hardware to full-scale production runs, we've got you covered! Additionally, our scheduling system and abundant manufacturing capacity allow for daily entry of emergency orders for immediate production in rush or breakdown situations.

Dedicated Technical Experts

Our technically trained Oil & Gas Services Team, backed by our forging development and world-class metallurgists, work hand-in -hand with your team to provide the support you need to keep rigs, and downstream processes, running. We strive for product and process improvements that reduce supply chain needs, increase speed to market and solve the biggest problems.